Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue

What Can You Do To Help

There are so many things that anyone can do to help! The main way to help out Hearts of Hope is by donating time and money. Since Hearts of Hope is a non-profit organization, donations from the community keep the organization alive.


Different Ways To Volunteer with HOH

White Rescue Dog

Fostering / Adopting

The best way to help rescue dogs? Rescue one yourself! If you aren't ready for another permenant additon to your family quite yet, maybe fostering is the route for you. Below is a table that will show the major differences and similarities between adopting and fostering a dog.

Foster vs Adopting
Cost Time Commitment (outside of everyday care) Ages of Dogs Get to Reame the Dog (if you choose) Build a personal Bond Application Required
Fostering Free to Apply Should attend all HOH events to show off your foster All ages no Yes
Adopting Depends on the Situation N/A 12 weeks and older Yes

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Email: rescueofhope@gmail.com

Phone: +1-(616)-366-8455

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