How to Embed a Video to Your Website!

1. Find a Relevant Video

Videos can bring a lot to a website, but it is also important to make sure the video you are embedding in your site is relevant, and useful. For example, I chose a video about how to embed a video from YouTube onto a website, since that is the main focus of my site.

2. Click the "Share" Icon

To access the sharing options, you need to click on the "Share" button with the rightward facing arrow icon.

3. Click the "Embed" Icon

To access the iframe tag that will be used in your code, you need to click on the "Embed" button with the lesser than and greater than symbols commonly seen throughout HTML.

4. Copy the iframe Tag and Paste It Into Your Code

Select the code with your curser and copy it by pressing control+c (command+c for Mac). Then you will find the area of your code where you want to pase the video (where you want the video to be on your site).

5. Adjust and Style Your Video However You Want!

Now you get to be creative with how you present your video to your webpage. You can apply padding, margins, borders, and many other CSS properties to designing your video player on yourwebsite, so get creative! The following example is from an external CSS style sheet.

If You Would Like More Infromation, Check Out This Video!