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I love so many things about dogs, but my favorite thing about dogs is their unique personality. I love how dogs each have a unique identity once you get to really know them. I think that connecting with animals is one of the most incredible things we can do as a species. If we learn to understand our pet's personality, we can learn to care for them the way they want to be cared for. They might not be able to tell us by using their words, but they can tell us using their souls.

All of the dogs to the pictured have various personalities! Some personality traits are common in some breeds such as, Dalmations tend to be very energetic, Labs tend to be very human oriented, and Border Collies tend to be very smart.

How Dogs Are Seen Across the Globe

Dogs come in all sorts of shapes sizes and colors! Some breeds or colors of dogs can be seen as bad luck or great luck depending on the culture. In many African cultures, black dogs are seen as an omen of darkness and bad fortune, this is believed to be a large factor of why the majority of dogs in shelters are black dogs. On the other side of the spectrum, pugs are seen to be quite auspicious since they are one of the oldest breeds of dogs known to man. The legend of their good luck derived from China where they believe that the wrinkles in their snout look like the Chinese Symbol for good luck.

Every culture sees animals slightly different. Some cultures may seem a bit odd to us, but that only gives us an opprotunity to learn more about how we, as humans, interact with the canines around us.

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